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What is market data for?

Market Data is the broad term used in reference to the financial information necessary for carrying out research, analysing, trading and accounting for financial instruments of all asset classes on world markets.

Market data includes a range of information relevant to trading markets, such as price, bid/ask quotes and market volume and is available across a plethora of global markets that include stocks, indices, forex and commodities.

The stock market is a fickle beast that can change rapidly, which means that – unless monitoring market data is something you can allocate all your time to – it can be hard to keep track of your stocks and the stock market. This can result in lost opportunities.

Because market data is used by traders to assess the worth of various assets – and will inform their approach to entering and exiting trades – we know that you’re relying on the most relevant, concise information in real-time.

Where can I find market data?

With our market data dashboard, you can enjoy the latest up-to-date stock market data in the QuickTrade’s MetaTrader 5 trading platform –  your market data dashboard – helping you to make informed decisions about your investments.  We also offer real-time alerts so you can get notified as soon as a stock hits your desired price point.