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For the newbie trader, there’s much to process when setting out to start playing the markets, because trading isn’t simply about recklessly casting nets toward market movements, in the hopes of landing the big money pay-out. Indeed, there’s a modicum of finesse that must also be employed, because knowing the intricacies of various trading strategies could mean more return, and more knowledge gained on market behaviour – even if those successes are small-fry to start.
So, it’s not just about knowing the lingo, or being good with money, or even knowing how to interpret big data. It’s about building instinct and feel for a marketplace that can at times seem somewhat sentient.
And that’s where financial market advisors come in – to clear trading obfuscation. To detail the different trading strategies. To help you build a skillset that’ll set you on path to more wins in the market.
But how? Well, before financial market advisors can help a new trader realise their market movement instinct, everyone has to start somewhere. Namely, the basics of trading. And that’s where we’ll start.

The Basics of trading

Understanding the market – The indices

When traders discuss a market being ‘up’ or ‘down’, they’re most likely referring to the market indices.
These indices track stocks in the market, and show with data, how each stock group is performing – basically, a representation of that stock’s particular behaviour. Investors use these indices as benchmark against their own portfolios.

Knowing the bear and the bull

A bear market usually means that stock prices are falling. The number to which these must fall, in order to classify the market as bear, varies, but usually caps out at around 20%.
Everyone knows, though, that if you come up against a bear, you shouldn’t run. And the same often applies in trading. Because typically, following a bear market, is the bull. And a bull market usually lasts longer – basically, a bull market provides traders opportunity to grow their money, over the long-term, by investing in stocks.


But bear markets are an inevitability, and anyone dabbling in stocks will come up against many in an investment journey.
What is avoidable, though, is the risk of loss that rises with a portfolio that’s not diverse. Many tenuous factors determine market stability or volatility – company performance, leadership, global events, even pandemics. And so, when it comes to investing, many figurative fingers, in many figurative pies, is the way to go, to sway that numbers game back to you.
So, the next important point to know – learn how to diversify a portfolio.

Our equities trading approach

As your financial market advisors, QuickTrade gears services at supporting you, and enhancing your trading journey. Here’s how:

Our customer support

Your account manager

We’ll assign you an account manager who’ll guide you on your initial steps into trading, and then beyond. Note: your account manager handles queries outside of trading – as they are not a broker/trader.

Technical support team

Our technical support team is on standby 7 days a week to address any queries you may have.

Trading support team

Our trading support team is on hand to ensure you have everything you need to make your investment journey efficient, and your trading successful.

If you’re looking to embark on your first quest into the often perilous, often rewarding, but mostly exciting, world of stock market investing, you’ll need a guide to help shed some light on the darker corners of the process, to start. QuickTrade are your financial market advisors. We’ll set you on the most illuminated path to strong investment momentum, and we’ll be there with you as the successes keep coming.
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