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The Best CFD Trading Platforms for 2022

Online CFD Trading Platforms

With the world being the hyperconnected global village it is, online trading has become more and more popular in recent times. More and more people from all walks have developed keen interests in trading, and because of the availability of platforms that enable everyone and anyone to try their hand at becoming a star trader, the evolution of these platforms has started to move into an air of cutting-edge, pioneering capability.

What’s also come to pass, however, is somewhat of a saturation of the market when it comes to the online trading platforms available. There rises the eternal question then: what is the best CFD trading platform for beginners and experienced traders, alike?
At QuickTrade, we’re a collection of experienced online traders. And when it comes to the best application for trading currencies, stocks, futures, and, of course, contracts for difference (CFDs), our go-to is the MetaTrader 5 trading platform.

Let’s look at a breakdown of the trading power it can give you:

What is the best CFD trading platform?

For both the novice and seasoned trader, MetaTrader 5 is a comprehensive CFD trading platform that’s fully customisable to your specific trading requirements.
Here’s what it has on offer:

Flexible trading system

MetaTrader 5 utilises a powerful CFD trading software that supports both order accounting systems: traditional netting and hedging. Additionally, the platform offers four order execution modes to meet various trading objectives: Instant, Request, Market, and Exchange execution. The software also supports all types of trade orders – market, pending, stop order, and trailing stop.

This kind of diversity of order types and execution modes allows traders to make use of a wide range of trading strategies to help enhance the likelihood of success.

Professional technical analysis

MT5 is an all-in-one concept with impressive analytical tools – traders can open up to 100 charts of currency and stock quotes, have sight of 21 timeframes for a real-time, comprehensive analysis of price movements in the market, and make use of more than 80 analytical tools that provide data on market analyses and quote dynamics.

Fundamental analysis

Forecast the price dynamics of all financial instruments by tapping directly into news sources all over the world. Additionally, track money and instrument events with a built-in economic calendar that features all macroeconomic indicators happening at a given time.

Trading signals and copy trading

MetaTrader 5 tracks the signal of a successful trader and reproduces that trader’s investment. With trading signals and copy trading, the platform does the trading automatically. Traders can choose from hundreds of free and paid signals available for demo or live accounts with a customisable preferred risk level and profitability. Subscribing to the selected signal provider is as easy as just a few clicks, and the platform will then trade automatically. Traders choose to monitor trading results or completely rely on the signal behaviour.

Algorithmic trading

Algorithmic trading is automated trading. MetaTrader 5 uses trading robots – or expert advisors – to analyse quotes and perform trading operations according to a pre-programmed underlying algorithm. This essentially means that trading is done automatically, with MetaTrader 5 providing the environment for traders to create and optimise their own trading strategy, and the robots they assign to it. MetaTrader 5’s advanced MQL5 technology, allows for these robots to be programmed to seek heavy calculations for the most accurate analysis and forecast of the market.

Virtual hosting

MetaTrader 5 has a virtualisation capability. This means that the platform can be virtually hosted on a remote server, without the need for the programme to be open on a specific computer. Robots and signal subscriptions will continue to trade in the background, on the account at any time, and with minimal delay.

If you’re a new trader or are looking to take your skills in the market to the next level, look no further than the MetaTrader 5 platform as the perfect tool to enhance your trading experience. With multi-asset capabilities in trading like forex, stocks, futures, and CFDs, MetaTrader 5 has been established as the go-to CFD trading platform for 2022.
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