QuickTrade and MetaTrader 5 – Learn to Trade Without the Risk

For the new trader, there is a factor to the process that may cause hesitation when starting – the risk of it all. And there is a risk, because very real money is involved, and if something’s missed or a market goes awry, very real losses can happen. It’s the worst-case scenario that hangs darkly above the heads of most aspiring traders.

But because of what the world is now – an infinitely connected society that relies on automation for most of what it needs to achieve everything in a day – online stock trading needn’t be an endeavour entered into lightly.

Everybody deserves a do-over, and now the fledgling investor has that option. With the nature of trading now – all online – has come the need for processes, listings, stock sheets and predictors of the market, to be clustered in a central hub. That central hub is the online trading platform. This tool has come to demand that every component in a trader’s toolbelt is in one place, mostly automated, and highly accessible.

But that’s not all a trading platform offers.

Now new traders – those still lacking in confidence to make that decision on a stock and do the deal – can take their time, get to know what is means to trade online, and to feel out what market behaviours bear fruit. It’s a way to practice stock trading, without spending a cent.

It’s called virtual trading – here’s how to start:

How to open an account

Open a MetaTrader 5 account with QuickTrade:

Step 1 – Create a Profile

Click the CREATE PROFILE button and complete the form to start the process.

Step 2 – Verify Your Email

We’ll email you instructions on how to verify your profile. Check your inbox.

Step 3 – Client Portal Access

Once verified, we’ll confirm your login details – you’ll have immediate access to the client portal.

Step 4 – Upload Your FICA Documents

Upload a copy of your ID or passport, and a proof of residence so we can ensure FICA compatibility and finalise your profile.

Step 5 – Complete a Q&A Test

Then, we need to know your trading experience and history, to better help you become the investor you want to be.

Step 6 – Verify Your Profile

Then it’ll be up to us to verify and approve your documentation. We’ll let you know when we have, so you can make that first deal.

Do you want to know more on how to start your trading journey? Click here.

Understanding the Platform

You can start trading immediately, but first take time to explore the platform – it’s packed with features, training videos and tutorials on how to practice stock trading and start your investment journey on the front foot.

Practice, Practice, Practice

A good investment strategist will know full well, the market and the potential risks it may bear.

With the MetaTrader 5 virtual training feature, you can enter into mock trade situations, and benefit from the lofty experience that comes with witnessing market behaviour in real-time, without the hazard of money lost, if the deal doesn’t go ideally.

It’s the best way to know the risks, and experiment with how to claim the rewards. So, give it a go without apprehension, because – to use a turn of phrase that can seldom be uttered when talking investments – you have nothing to lose.

Click here to start a MetaTrader 5 profile with QuickTrade today, and to start your trading journey.







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