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The Ultimate Guide to Starting Share Trading Online

Share Trading Online – Everything to Know When Getting Started

Success on a market exchange, isn’t only the domain of the big money players, or the ‘wolves of Wallstreet.’ It’s very possible, to be the little guy, and reap great rewards, when you invest smart, know your stuff and have a sound strategy in mind.
But before you go rushing off to see what’s out there, it’s a good idea to have a quick refresher on share trading online, what it is, and some good platforms to help you make better decisions.

What is Share Trading?

The short definition: share trading is the buying and selling of the shares and stocks of listed companies on various stock exchanges, with the goal to making a profit, depending on the performance of those companies, and their respective shares.
The best way for any private investor worth their salt, to go about doing this, is through online trading platforms – effectively cutting out that middleman broker, or agent.

The Basics of The Stock Market

Here are some basics to consider when thinking about investing:

Trading and Investing – The Difference

The main difference between the two, is in their duration.
Trading is usually a short-term endeavour, meant for dynamic, quick-fire buying and selling, with the aim to make a quick buck, where possible.
Investing is a longer-term commitment, usually entered into with a detailed strategy, and sometimes lasting months, even years in duration.

The Price of Shares – How Does it Work?

It’s all in the supply and demand. And that’s determined by the performance of the specific companies to which the shares or stocks are tied. If a company looks set to make more money in a given period, its stock price will usually rise, as investors take notice and rush to buy from its haul. The opposite happens if a business isn’t doing so great – investors sell, and so that particular business’s stock worth inevitably lowers.

Buying a Share – What Happens Next?

When you buy a share, you effectively own a part of that company. The size of ownership will then depend on the amount of shares you have, and the percentage of their value, as stipulated by that enterprise.
The goal then, is to endeavour to use your market knowledge, knowledge of the business you’ve bought into, and the various online tools available to make decisions depending on that business’s market performance. As a part owner, you have the power to make certain decisions for the business, in the hopes of guiding it to better results on the exchange. If that’s achieved and the relevant stock price goes up, you can then sell yours for a profit on what you initially spent.

What is the Best Online Share Trading Platform for Beginners?

So, let’s circle back to getting started with an investment strategy.
Now, you may be worried that devising one at this stage could present as a very daunting task. No need to fret, though, because much of what it means to be a private trader, is entirely automated. That means that markets can be analysed for you. And detailed strategies for sound investing can be gifted to you – put together via smart algorithms that analyse the rich data and the story it tells about various market shifts and changes.
So, the online trading platform is that automated hub that will form an investment strategy for you – it’s simply the best friend a new trader could have. But there are many of these platforms, so which one is best? Well, that would depend entirely on your investment needs, your financial goals and the level you’re at. Here at QuickTrade, though, we can recommend an online trading platform that will set you squarely on the fastest road to your financial goals.
Introducing, MetaTrader 5 – a smart, multi-asset platform that lets you trade in forex, stocks, futures and CFDs. It’s a superior, comprehensive tool that uses algorithmic trading applications, automated price analysis and automated copy trading.
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So, get out there and get that portfolio going. It’s never been a better time than now, to take advantage of cutting edge, investment technology, on the road to your financial goals.