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The Best Trading Platforms for 2022

Online Trading Platforms

The online trading platform is a vital resource for the novice trader looking to try their hand at personal investing on various stock markets. They provide a central hub – a dashboard – on which to start building portfolios. More importantly, though, they’re an educational resource, with smart options and features that guide beginners in their fledgling investment endeavours.
What’s more, they’re an algorithmic wonder. Through automation and data analysis, the trading platform is a tool more than anything, to guide investors on clearer investment paths to their financial goals.
But there are many, so which one is best? And what are the features included that one should be on the lookout for?

What Is the Best CFD Trading Platform?

Any given CFD trading platform may competently provide the discerning trader with the features he or she needs in their investment endeavours. So, there may not, in many cases, be one that can be classified as the best equity trading platform – it simply comes down to investment needs, financial goals, and the level of trading experience and knowledge.
But here at QuickTrade, we recommend the MetaTrader 5 platform. A multi-asset platform that allows trading forex, stocks, futures and CFDs. The platform offers superior tools for comprehensive price analysis, the use of applications like trading robots that automate the process, and an Expert Advisor option to lessen risk.

MetaTrader 5 – A Quick Breakdown

Flexible Trading System

MetaTrader 5 offers a system of separate accounting of orders and trades.

You get:
-Both accounting systems – netting and hedging
-Four order execution modes – Instant, Request, Market and Exchange
-Support for all types of trade orders – market, pending and stop orders, and trailing stop

Professional Technical Analysis

The platform is an all-in-one concept with world-class analytical tools.

You get:
-The option to open up as many as 100 charts of currency and stock
-21 timeframes with a comprehensive analysis of minor shifts in stock prices
-More than 80 indicators and analytical tools

Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading uses specialised applications to automate trading.

You get:
-Trading robots, or Expert Advisors, to analyse quotes and perform trades
-High-performance MQL5 programming language for the most accurate technical analysis and forecasting
-Thousands of ready-to-use trading applications

These are just some features to the MetaTrader 5 online trading platform. It’s the perfect jump-start to a foray into online trading. And what’s more, the platform can be customised and scaled to suit your knowledge and experience as you get better and become more competent as a trader.
Click here to find out more, or to download MetaTrader 5 – It’s free. It’s time to get closer to your financial goals.