Licensed Financial Services Provider – FSP 45262. Ts & Cs Apply
FSCA Approved Over-the-Counter Derivatives Provider (ODP)

31 August 2021

1. Leverage increases the risks and rewards of trading.
2. In essence, the larger your account balance, the larger the risks and rewards become on a trade.
3. These Leverage levels are set to safeguard client assets and ensure that QuickTrade (Pty) Ltd, its Liquidity Providers and its clients are not exposed to excessive risk.
4. For this reason, we have decided to adjust our leverage levels.
5. Our Leverage levels will be adjusted as follows:
5.1 Account Balance: R 0 to R 49 999 = Leverage of 500:1
5.2 Account Balance R 50 000 and more = Leverage of 100:1
6. Conclusion
6.1 Having regard to the above mentioned changes, we wish to inform you that the new Leverage levels will take effect 1 (one) Business Days after the date on which they are sent to you and/or published on the QuickTrade (Pty) Ltd Website (31/08/2021) (“effective date”) and that, after the effective date, your Transactions will be governed by these Leverage levels.
6.2 If you are not in agreement with these Leverage levels, you may give us 5 (Five) Business Day written notice to cancel the current Client Agreement and discontinue using our services by sending an email to which notice must be received by us on or before the effective date. You must then close out your Transactions during the 5 (Five) Business Day notice period and you will not be allowed to enter into any new Transactions during the notice period.
6.3 If you do not give notice to cancel the current Client Agreement and close your Account on or before the effective date, then you are deemed to have accepted the new Leverage levels and if you continue to enter into Transactions using the Trading Platform after the effective date you agree to these new Leverage levels.

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