QuickTrade Equities Demo – Learn to Trade With Reduced Risk

We know if you’re reading this, you’re interested in becoming a fully-fledged trader on the stock market. Ready to pit your wits against global trading as a whole. Fired up to start building a portfolio that’s strong and diverse, off of the back of market growth you’ve identified and embraced, and slumps you’ve predicted and deftly avoided.
But we also know that you think you’re a little wet behind the ears, and you still want a little more guidance and practice before you start sending your hard-earned rands into that ebbing and flowing market.


The stock market is rife with temperamentality, nuance, and volatility. It takes knowledge to identify these characteristics, and experience to know how to stay agile as they arise. Knowledge and experience will only come in the doing of things, so the good news is, that QuickTrade can help. Before you trade a moment, with a cent of your own money, we have a platform you can use, to demo the experience of real-time investment market situations. It’s ideal for taking the time to hone your skills, build your understanding of market behaviours and the events that may arise, and, most vitally, it’s a chance to make mistakes – mistakes, in the real investment world, that could be costly.


Here’s how to start:


How to open an account

First, open an account with QuickTrade:

Step 1 – Create a Profile

Visit QuickTrade and click the CREATE PROFILE button. Simply complete the form to start the process.

Step 2 – Verify Your Email

Once your form is done, we’ll email you instructions on how to verify your profile. Check your inbox.

Step 3 – Client Portal Access

Once you’re verified, we’ll confirm your login details – you’ll have immediate access to the client portal.

Step 4 – Upload Your FICA Documents

This one’s par for the course. Upload a copy of your ID or passport, and a proof of residence so we can ensure FICA compatibility and create your profile for you.

Step 5 – Complete a Q&A Test

We want to know your trading experience and history, so that we can be sure you understand the risks associated with trading, and so help you become the investor you want to be.

Step 6 – Verify Your Profile

Then it’ll be up to us to verify and approve your documentation. We’ll let you know when we have, and you can then start trading immediately.
Do you want to know more on how to start your trading journey? Click here.

Understanding the Platform

Once you’ve been verified and you have a registered profile, you can essentially start trading.
Don’t jump the gun, though. Our platform is teeming with features, training videos and tutorials on how to become a better trader. So, before you empty your wallet of the funds you’re looking to grow, get to know the platform.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Being a formidable player on the stock market is a skillset not born from luck, but practice.
Use our smart demo feature to trade with faux currency in fictional – but very possible – stock market situations and events and polish your trader craft before you spend any real money.
It’s the best way to know the risks and rewards, before you try them on the real exchange.
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