The Financial Market Demo – Become a Better Trader Without Losing a Cent

Most rookie traders take that first dip into the market, with mindfulness and an air of timidity. And rightly so – it’s not an adventure into which one should enter lightly, because real money is on the line, and there’s a sobering possibility that a loss may exceed a deposit.

The world of trading on the financial market, is a maelstrom of unpredictability – just as likely to bring profit, as it is to bring loss. So how would the newbie trader learn to make strides to more of the former and much less of the latter, when navigating so volatile a space like a virtual trading floor?

QuickTrade and MetaTrader 5 have the answer – the financial market demo account.

The Financial Market Demo

A financial market demo account simply mimics a trading scenario. So, essentially, it’s a way to trade in a real-world setting without risk. A way to get the gist of the market and a feel for its temperaments, its nuances, and its moods, without even having to use real funds.

Here’s why a good trading boot camp using a financial market demo on QuickTrade’s premier platform, could stand you in good stead to make the big bucks.

It’s risk-free

Get to know the market, and your natural trading style in your own time, then hone that knowledge to a knife’s edge and use it to carve your niche as a competent trader. Remember, masters of a craft have put in the practice hours – this is your chance as a trader, and it’s for free.

Get to know lot sizes

A lot is the minimum quantity of an asset that can be traded in a single order – simply, the bigger the lot, the higher the risk. So, getting used to knowing lot size is a vital feature in the tutelage that comes with a financial market demo. You’ll learn how to determine exactly how many units you’ll be buying per lot, and the exact price per unit, so that you can set your budget, and get accustomed to sticking to it when you finally make the jump to real world trading.


With a financial market demo, you get real-time coaching. With QuickTrade and the MetaTrader 5 platform, you’ll get a skilled and knowledgeable broker on hand, to answer your questions as you find your trader’s feet.

A simulation that’s almost real

The more realistic a trading scenario, the better. The QuickTrade and MetaTrader 5 platform will drop you into real-world trading scenarios. This allows you to assess the levels of risk that you’re comfortable with and teach you how to get used to a set budget that you can comfortably trade. Because of this hyper-real simulation, your transition to actual trading will then be seamless.

How to open an account

Step 1 – Create a Profile

Visit QuickTrade and click the CREATE PROFILE button.

Step 2 – Verify Your Email

We’ll email you instructions on how to verify your profile.

Step 3 – Client Portal Access

Once you’re verified, we’ll confirm your login details.

Step 4 – Upload Your FICA Documents

Upload a copy of your ID or passport, and a proof of residence so we can ensure FICA compatibility.

Step 5 – Complete a Q&A Test

This step is just so that we can define the risks associated with trading for your trading skill-level.

Step 6 – Verify Your Profile

Then it’ll be up to us to verify and approve your documentation. We’ll let you know when we have.

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