The Basics of CFD Trading

The contract for difference, or CFD, is a derivative product that lets discerning traders speculate on stock like shares, forex, and commodities without having to take ownership of the assets involved. That’s a somewhat top-level definition for a stock trading instrument that can get tricky at times. At QuickTrade though, we’re your CFD trading advisors, and we’re on hand and poised to take you on a step-by-step journey to better CFD trading success. Using the MetaTrader 5 CFD trading platform, we can help you master your contract for difference portfolio.

Master short- and long-term trading

In CFD trading, you can speculate on the movement of stock both ways – rise or fall. You can mimic a traditional trade that makes a profit as the price on the market goes up or you can open a CFD that profits if the price drops.

Learn how to leverage

When trading with CFDs, you can leverage your buy-in. This means that you don’t have to pay the full price on shares, but a percentage of it. This will help you distribute capital. It’s vital here, though, to understand the leverage ratio, and make sure it always falls within your trading budget, and your means. QuickTrade will help you establish that budget.

Hedge for success

With a CFD trade, you can hedge against bigger losses on your portfolio. If you think certain shares could suffer a short-term loss after a less than great market performance, you can offset loss by hedging your risk, and going short through a CFD trade.

Our CFD trading training approach

With QuickTrade and MetaTrader 5, you can enhance your trading experience with our comprehensive training approach:

MetaTrader 5 training

We offer free online Zoom trading training, to teach you how to use the MetaTrader 5 platform efficiently and effectively.

Attend a trading room

We offer a ‘trading room’ that gives unique trading opportunities and access to experienced traders.

Free trading signals

All QuickTrade clients get free trading signals.

Our customer support

Whatever your experience, investment journey or trading goals, we are here to support you:

Your own account manager

Get an account manager who’ll work with you to ensure your trading endeavours are always successful.

Technical support team

Our trading support team is on-hand to make sure you have everything you need to trade effectively. At QuickTrade we’re your CFD trading advisors, and we strive to make sure your trading career is a more successful one, no matter your level. Contact Us for services always geared at supporting you and enhancing your trade journey.







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